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    • Client Appreciation/Christmas Gifts.

Corporate merchandise and gifts don’t have to be boring!

We give our VIP Customers the VIP treatment every year with some exciting gifts, designed to show our Customers how fun corporate merchandise can be.

We love our Customers and we love thanking them. Our client engagement always sky-rockets this time of year.  When you see our gifts, you will see why!


We love the personal approach with our Corporate gifts. It humanises our relationships and adds a bit of fun to their day.

Christmas 2019, we wanted to create a useful “holiday” gift for our VIP Clients.

We decided the Aperol Spirtz was the perfect Summer Drink, with its orange colour & summer feels.

Making Aperol the base, we build our branded gift packs ready for Christmas distribution.  

The Results

  • 2019 – We wanted to include Aperol Spritz in our gift – the colour works well for our brand (and is one of our favourite summer drinks)
  • A combination of Aperol Spritz mixers and branded glasses, supplied in handy branded bag.
  • The gifts were wrapped, included our branded (orange) ribbon, Branded Aperol Spritz Christmas message and gift tags.
  • The gifts always open up conversations with our Customers and showcase how branding can be great!